Powerhouse entertainment, A group of youngsters driven by passion and ambition to entertain . A different breed of hip hop catz all the way from limpopo,venda. Composed of 3 artists and a dedicated management team. The artists are as follows (ZAKES) The youngest artist is zakes, a young man driven by the kasi culture. The way he walks, talks and makes music represents the hood life. This young man upholds the street culture. Everything about him is based on what he believes. (CARTER) A man of not many words but his actions do all the talking for him. Fresh from the out-skits of tshifudi. This young man truly has something to teach to his people. His lyrically gifted and he knows how to play with words like a poet on a soccer pitch. (P-GEE) Confidence is like a stain when it comes to the oldest member of the Powerhouse Clan,P-Gee. This young man strives to take music to greater heights, Taking advantage of what this other artists take for granted.