Generous young woman makes free lunch packs for general workers

A woman has taken to social media to share her act of kindness. She makes packed lunches to give out to men who wake up every morning to look for work. The kind lady said that while she may not be able to offer a job, she can do her part to make sure they don’t have empty stomachs.

Gugulethu Yolanda Sokhela took to Facebook to share her heartwarming post. She posted pictures of the lunches and called it “small appreciation lunch packs for our brothers”.

She went on to say that she admires how they hustle because it takes a real man to do that.

“I may not have work for them but my aim is to give them hope. I’ll randomly do this whenever I can, decided to start small, see how it goes. I’ve also thought of risks, I’ll park somewhere safe and walk to them, I hope they don’t feel undermined”

Gugulethu said that her food campaign costs less than R100 and less than 20 min prep time.